The Law of Effortless Action

 Truth is Effortless.

Not because there might not be a resistance to it, but because there is almighty power behind it.

Example would be a train and mosquitoes. Though they are in the way of the train, it effortlessly moves forward. So is the truth. Thus:

Effortlessness is the great test of truth.

Now, do not misunderstand. Effortless is not the same as easy. Easy may still have some effort in it. Effortless does not.

Easy can be very wrong, but effortless is always right.

The example of this principle is watching a master at work: it looks effortless. This is not a coincidence. Struggle is always the result of error and self-contradiction.

True love is effortless.

True wealth is effortless.

True health is effortless.

In essence, effortless accomplishes itself.

Now some may say: “Nothing, or very little feels effortless to me!”

Great! This knowledge is valuable. This means that you need to STOP (or at least slow down) and reexamine yourself: your mind, your beliefs, your thought processes, and bring them into perfect harmony with eternal truth.

If you do that, effortless action on purpose will again present itself to you, and you will be successful in it. I call it the Principle of Divine Procrastination:

“Do nothing, unless it does itself.”

Good luck.



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