Purpose – Key to Happiness and Freedom

People generally agree that happiness and freedom are linked and indispensable to each-other. That one does not exist without the other. And they are right.

However people generally disagree on how to achieve these.

Some say “Money brings happiness and freedom.” But is it true? Not necessarily. Why? Because there are a lot of rich people who are unhappy and who feel trapped. Example: a person who spends all his time at a work he does not love because it pays him a lot of money. He is trapped in a golden cage and is not free.

Ok, then people will say “Having a lot of money AND free time brings happiness and freedom.” But is that also true? Not necessarily. Why? Because there are famous examples of some of the rich heirs born into mind-numbing luxury and wealth who are miserable despite the fact that they have all the free time in the world. In fact having a lot of money and free unoccupied time without a purpose is a recipe for disaster for them, that only seems to underscore and intensify their feeling trapped and miserable.

What is then the secret to true happiness and freedom?

It is purpose.

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There are many programs that promise success and wealth, but all they concentrate on is money.

But if you achieve such “success” you will be miserable. This money will NOT and cannot make you happy.

True success requires something more. What is it?


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