Purpose – Key to Happiness and Freedom

People generally agree that happiness and freedom are linked and indispensable to each-other. That one does not exist without the other. And they are right.

However people generally disagree on how to achieve these.

Some say “Money brings happiness and freedom.” But is it true? Not necessarily. Why? Because there are a lot of rich people who are unhappy and who feel trapped. Example: a person who spends all his time at a work he does not love because it pays him a lot of money. He is trapped in a golden cage and is not free.

Ok, then people will say “Having a lot of money AND free time brings happiness and freedom.” But is that also true? Not necessarily. Why? Because there are famous examples of some of the rich heirs born into mind-numbing luxury and wealth who are miserable despite the fact that they have all the free time in the world. In fact having a lot of money and free unoccupied time without a purpose is a recipe for disaster for them, that only seems to underscore and intensify their feeling trapped and miserable.

What is then the secret to true happiness and freedom?

It is purpose.

What purpose? Purpose of your life of course. Does life have a purpose? Of course.

The purpose of life is joy. And to achieve it one must live in harmony with that purpose. In other words, to be happy and free one must find out what his or her unique purpose in life is, and live it.

What is your unique purpose in life? It is based on your unique talents, desires and strengths.

Since we are all one Consciousness, as we established before,

your unique purpose in life is to bless the lives of everyone by doing what you love, that you are willing to do for free.

This is key. If you are not willing to do it for free, that means you do not love it enough to be your life’s true purpose.

And here is the amazing thing: If you live your true unique purpose in life,—(the one that you love enough to do for free),—you will have more money than you need, and above all you will be free and have true joy.

So don’t seek  for money to be free; it is an illusion. Instead, courageously find out and live your life’s true purpose now, which if you do, you will become free, and then the money will effortlessly follow you, and you will have more than you need.

For more details, check page 97 of Wealth Without a Job.

In summary, only those who live their life’s true purpose are ever truly free, because true freedom is joy, and joy only comes by courageously finding out your true and unique purpose in life and living it.

To your freedom!



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  1. What an insightul and truly inspiring article–a great reminder to treasure and ensure your personal freedom, while always seeking God’s purpose in your life–to be truly happy! I have experienced this in my own life and felt the happiest, when I lived each day with the purpose, feeling free to create the reality, manage my day in such a way that would help me achieve these purposes the most. Those have always been very happy experiences. Each of us would do well to take a few minutes each day to realign and recommit, to plan and prayerfully seek this alignment with one’s unique purpose. God always answers our prayers, and it’s great news because it means we can all discover that unique purpose to be happy! Thank you for your helpful article!

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