There are many programs that promise success and wealth, but all they concentrate on is money.

But if you achieve such “success” you will be miserable. This money will NOT and cannot make you happy.

True success requires something more. What is it?


What purpose?

Everyone is born with an umbrella purpose of life, which is the same for everyone. Become like God and come back to live with him. That is the same for everybody.

But on top of that everyone also has a unique purpose in life,— a purpose based on their unique talents and strengths. What is that purpose? I will show you in a minute how to calculate that. But first I wish to tell you that finding that unique purpose out and living it, will render you truly free.

In fact, if you live that purpose fully, you will never have to work another day in your life. Why? Because it will feel like play to you.

Nicola Tesla, the great inventor, said that he was the laziest man in the world because he hasn’t worked a day in his life, though he would spend 19 hours a day in his laboratory forgetting food and sleep. Why? Because he said it was PLAY to him. In fact he was willing to pay to do what he loved, rather than get paid. And because he was living his dream and his purpose blessing the lives of others, he became fabulously wealthy.

This gift may be yours too.

The Universe is a giant jigsaw puzzle, with pieces flawlessly designed to fit together perfectly with God-like precision. You, your body and mind you are perfecting, with their unique talents and strengths, is a piece of this puzzle. There are people out-there, looking for you, waiting to give you money because they need your talents and strengths, and they cannot find you, because you are not living your unique purpose in life.

You may be making 100k a year or more. But if you make them by NOT living your purpose in life, you are living in a golden cage, and cannot, in principle, be happy or free.

The only way for you to break from this prison, is to master the courage to find out what your unique purpose in life is, and then take courageous, effortless, and determined action in harmony with your purpose in life.

Live your life on Purpose,—your unique purpose,—only then will you be truly free.

To find out what your purpose is, and how to build your life/business around it, check out this excellent book by Andy Fuehl:

wealth-without-a-job-book-tickets“Wealth Without A Job”

(The Purpose of My Life Method is found on page 97). This offer comes with 4 FREE tickets, for you and three of your friends, for 21 day intensive online seminar that works in concert with the book.

Finding out your unique life’s purpose, and making the decision to follow it no matter what, is a life changing, and liberating experience! (Thanks Andy)

And if you wish an in-depth look at this material get an extended package, in addition to the book here. I did. It was very useful! Also feel free to subscribe to Andy’s emails to get more great material at

Good luck. Take action on Purpose, and be Free! To your true Success and Victory!


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  1. Thank you! This material has transformed my life in major ways, exceeding all my expectations.

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