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What is Consciousness?

If you find out the answer to this question, your life will never be the same again.

It is the greatest secret and the greatest power of all.

No one can simply be told what it is. They must discover it for themselves.

But I can help you, by putting into words what I know, and let you figure out the rest on your own.


Consciousness is you. It is your self-awareness. That part of you which comprehends: I am! I Exist! And not surprisingly, its name is I Am.

Consciousness has no beginning or end. It always was, and always will be. It can neither be created nor destroyed. It is the sum-total, and the one great whole  of all existence, and therefore it contains all power, all knowledge, and all glory. And because it is the one great whole, and sum total of all existence, there is, and there can be, only ONE of it, by definition, and we all share it.

One consciousness but many minds, and it gives life and existence to them all. How many minds? No end at all, and they all live and exist by, and because, of this one Consciousness, which is your true self. It moves the planets and shines the stars. It is WHO you really are.

Who are you?

You are ALL that ever was, is, or is to be, worlds without end. “You are the ONE, Neo.” And you are here to rediscover your infinite power and glory. Why? Because it is joy. And Joy is the only purpose of life.

Now, because we all share this ONE Consciousness, one self-awareness, we are all most fundamentally, and most profoundly connected. Therefore whatsoever you do to anyone, you are actually doing it to yourself! Even if you do not see it yet. But you will.

It is as inescapable as reality, as God, or as self.  You can escape this no more than you can escape yourself. In this is the Eternal Law of Justice. Simple cause and effect really. Because we are all one.

Now how does God fit into this picture?

God is God because he is in tune, and in perfect harmony with this ONE Consciousness. He understands perfectly the principles of which we were talking here. He understands that on the most fundamental and profound level, He is ALL, and ALL are him. Because of this he treats ALL as he would do to himself, if he were in their shoes. (Because actually he IS in their shoes).

His mind, heart and soul have reached such state of perfection, that he no longer contradicts himself. In other words, he has reached the state of perfect love. He loves EVERYONE. Indeed, the scripture says that God is love.

Because He no longer contradicts himself, God is almighty. (You’d be too if you stopped contradicting yourself!) He also happens to be the Father of your spirit body and the Creator of the Earth. He is the Ruler of the Universe, in whose hands is ALL power. Yet despite all this glory, or rather because of it, He is keenly interested in you. And what is the nature of this interest?


He loves you perfectly and completely, with all his heart, might, mind and strength, and with all his whole soul, even as he loves himself. He is perfectly interested in your utmost success, well being and glory, and He is eminently qualified to solve all your problems and to exalt you as far as you wish to be exalted, which makes Him your best Friend in time or Eternity. There is no one who loves you more perfectly, utterly, and completely than He. His goal, indeed his entire program, is Salvation and Exaltation of his children. Why? Because we are all one. Therefore whatsoever God does to anyone he does it to himself. These are the principles that he has been teaching human race from the beginning. And his Joy is nothing more or less than your Joy. This is how God spends his time: fulfilling the utmost dreams of his children.

And those who reject him are contradicting themselves, because they are nothing without Him, just as much as he is nothing without them (for neither exists without the other).

But if there is a disagreement between Him and you (that is your finite mind), who do you think needs correction?  It is you (that is your finite mind) that must change, because there is no error, darkness or self-contradiction in Him at all.

Therefore anyone who contradicts Him, contradicts himself, and needs to reform or repent, otherwise self-inflicted misery will be his just and predictable reward until he embraces God and his teachings, because His teachings are correct.

And what are his teachings?


Why? Because it is the only sane, non-self-contradictory way of being, because we are all ONE! And whatsoever you do to anyone, you do it to YOURSELF, bad or good! Therefore again, love, (which is doing unto others as you would have them do to you), is the only reasonable, non-self-contradictory way of being, which God lives perfectly!

There is only one Law in the Universe: Don’t hurt yourself.

The righteous understand what they really are, and therefore avoid hurting, or doing harm to themselves, by doing good to all, because they understand that they are all.

The wicked, on the other hand, do not yet see the truth of what they truly are, therefore they constantly harm, and do damage to themselves, by abusing and mistreating others, because they do not yet understand that there are no “others.” It is all you. Therefore all that they have done to others, they have done it to themselves. Therefore men forever are their own judges and their own tormentors, and every punishment in existence is self-inflicted.

Thus infinite and eternal Love is the only reality and Truth. Everything else is an illusion.

So the good news is that you are, in your true self, an infinite being of infinite power, creating your Universe all over again, because it is joy. And all you need to do is to believe it, and live accordingly without contradicting or hurting yourself, by  loving all as yourself, because it is yourself, according to infinite wisdom, power, and goodness of God, which are yours, and always were, if you will but embrace them.

So where do we begin? I would start by following the example of the Perfect One who loves you: your Father in Heaven, and his perfect Son, your and my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.


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  1. Thank you for this powerful article!! I would really like to read your book about Consciousness! I hope we can see it in the near future! I am honored to know you and wish you much success!

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